Custom dimensions allow you to group your accounts, campaigns, adsets or ads based on Product category, location, brand or any other custom segment that your company has.

For example, lets assume you are an advertiser who has different campaigns for different countries. Consequently Country or Geo is an important dimension for your reporting and you need to create a custom dimension to group campaigns accordingly. 

To do so, click on the "Custom Dimension" icon in the left navigation bar. Then click on the "+ New Dimension" button.

In the box that appears, enter the Name, and give a brief Description of the custom dimension you wish to create. Click "Create Dimension". 

Once the dimension is created, you can start adding the dimension values i.e. different countries, in each advertising channel.
You can do this by clicking the "Add new value" button. 

In the creation window that appears, you will have to choose the channel to create the value in, and then add rules to filter out the campaigns and group them under the dimensions value. For example, 

If you have naming conventions that you follow in AdWords at the campaign level which has the country names in it, then the rule for dimension value "US" can be:

  • Channel: Google AdWords
  • Level: Campaign
  • Filter: Campaign contains "US"
  • Dimension value Name: "United States

On clicking "Create Dimension Value", the dimension value will be created, and all campaigns that contain "US" will get tagged with the dimension value "United States" of the dimension "Country".

Similarly, you can create dimension values for different countries by clicking on "+".

As you may have different naming conventions being followed for different channels, you need to enter the rules for dimension value, separately for each advertisement channel. To do so, simply click on the desired Channel in the selector, and follow the steps above.

Note that two dimension values under a custom dimension for a channel, cannot be of different levels.

Once created, the dimension values will appear under the created custom dimension. 

The created dimension "Country" will be available to use in widgets, and can be added by following the same procedure for adding a regular dimension.


  1. The filters in the dimension value creation are NOT case sensitive. For example, Campaign contains "UK" is same as Campaign contains "uk". 
  2. Our systems could take up to 30 minutes to create a custom dimensions and tag all the ad elements with relevant dimension value.

Now that you learnt how to create a custom dimension, this help doc will show you how to create a custom metric.

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