Snapshots are useful to share view-only access to reports without needing the viewers to go through the hassle of logging into the Clarisights platform. Follow these steps to generate a shareable link for your report. 

Click on the “Share” button in the report navigation bar. In the window that opens, choose “Share Snapshot". Enter an optional name for your snapshot, and click on the "Generate Link" button. The link is generated, and you can choose to copy it to your clipboard, open it or send it in an email.

Please note that this option makes the shared report static, i.e., no changes made after generating the link would reflect in the report accessed through the link. The data will continue to be updated though.

After you've generated a snapshot of a report, you can click on "Manage Previous Links" to copy, email or open existing links. You can also choose to delete past links, post which the report will no longer be accessible through that link.

Happy sharing!

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